Day 17 – Moving Day (London to the Cotswalds)

We checked out of the apartment and headed back to the airport. This time the cab driver was friendlier although he couldn’t understand how we could be heading to the airport without caring what terminal we were dropped at. He didn’t seem to understand we weren’t actually flying anywhere so it didn’t matter.

We found Europcar and picked up our ride – a Volvo, mmm I’m officially a Volvo driver for the next week, but its ok, its got a sunroof, so its cool.

After doing a couple of laps of the airport and trying to work out which way was out, we managed to get underway and head towards our next destination, Chipping Campden.

We left the highway (I think I missed a turn or something) and followed the winding country road through little villages. It was fun learning to drive in UK, on the winding lane ways, cars parked in the opposing direction to traffic, narrow roads and oncoming traffic. It was like driving in Cairo except, more polite and “English” and not nearly as busy. It was fun.

I was a right and proper tourist driving at about half the speed limit, looking at every tree, stream and church. There was just so much to see, and everything was so different to ANYTHING I’d seen or been in the middle of before.

We found ourselves in Oxford, (what I’ve now declared the city of bicycles) so we decided to try and find the University. After three laps of town and not being able to find a car park, we gave up and continued on our way. I now understand why everyone rides a bike!!

Passing through all these little villages (about every 4 or 5 miles) I noticed every one had a Pub on the highway, and being around lunch time decided to pull up at one for lunch. A good traditional English Pub Bangers and Mash.

After lunch we carried on to Chipping Campden and found our room/cottage, a converted grain shed. It was only 2 o’clock and we couldn’t check in for a couple of hours so we headed into a nearby town to get some groceries.

We knew the cottage wouldn’t have wifi, and as this was going to be our home for the next week, needed to do something about it. We enquired about a personal hotspot device, but the technology was beyond our local shop keeper (to be fair, it was just a small grocery store), so we headed to another, larger town nearby to pick up a sim card.

Sim card in hand, an a couple of hours successfully killed, we headed back to the cottage to check in.

After dinner we tried to fire up the wifi, but the card wouldn’t work in any of our iPhones or iPads. It seemed they hadn’t been fully unlocked. We needed to connect to the internet to complete the unlocking process, but couldn’t connect to the internet until we had unlocked them, so with a stalemate at hand, gave up and tried to light the fire instead.

Apparently city living has made me a bit soft, and we couldn’t get the fired started, so with no fire and no wifi, we called it a night and headed to bed.

Day done. Successfully transited London and arrived the Cotswalds.

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