Day 19 – Warwick Castle

Day 2 Cotswalds – Warwick Castle

We headed into the town of Warwick to visit Warwick Castle. We were not really sure what we were going to see, but as usual, we were happy to just let the day play out, and take it as it came.

It turns out the Castle is now owned by Madame Tussauds the famous Waxed Figure company and has been largely restored, with Tussauds including scenes in the  castle rooms using their waxed figures.

Warwick Castle, the former home to the Earl of Warwick, had played a key role in English history, including at one point, holding the former King of England in one of its towers, which Josh and I accidentally found via an open door in one of the towers. Now an empty shell, it was still pretty cool, and a little exciting knowing we probably shouldn’t have been in there.

The castle is home to the worlds largest Trebuchet – a sort of catapult, which it fires twice a day. During the presentation, they explained to us that when you lay siege to a castle, you don’t necessarily want to use your weapons to break down the walls. Who wants a Castle with a big hole in its outer wall? No instead, you mostly want to terrorize the residents inside, by throwing fire balls over the wall to burn everything down, or dead animals, or the heads of your prisioners or human waste to spread disease. In some cases, they even launched things like baskets of snakes.

Enough of this, and eventually, the people in the castle just give up and open the gates.

Back to my plan to storm Buckingham Palace. A couple of these should help with the job.

We did a tour of the dungeon which was very well done, with actors and animations explaining things like the Kangaroo Court System. Ros was charged and found guilty of witchcraft – apparently she was dancing naked and conjuring up a man. The judge mentioned she was not a very good witch, because all she could manage was me.

The tour included the torture chamber, including tools to remove the tongue, and even something like a cigar cutter, doing a similar thing (cutting) to a particular part of the male anatomy. I cringe just writing about it. Ouch. I give up. I’ll tell you anything.

Warwick Castle had a bit of a reputation as a party castle and one of the former Countess’s “Daisy” had a bit of a reputation with the Men. Her loyal and loving husband stood beside her despite her having a child (her only child) with another man and she was even a known favorite of the future King Edward the VII.

The final act of the day was a second firing of the Trebuchet, in which they fired a fire ball – a flaming missile. That was pretty cool.

Once again, letting the universe take care of our agenda had turned out the be a winner. We had a great day, learned a little about English history and had a bunch of fun doing it.

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