Day 20 – Rest Day

For our third day in the Cotswolds, we decided to take it a bit easier.

We headed out in the car again towards Bishops Cleave, for no other reason than it sounded interesting. Once we arrived we realised there was actually not all that much there, so we headed on to Gloucester.

We stopped at Costa Coffee for what has now become our daily morning tea ritual, with Ros and the kids having hot chocolates (kids with cream and marshmallows, Ros without).

We decided to go and see a movie, but when we checked the movie we wanted to watch, didn’t actually release until tomorrow, so we gave it a miss. Ros bought herself a new watch (she left Australia without one) and I went next door to flight centre, to try and find something to do on our spare week, following Europe. We’re thinking of heading up to see the Northern Lights, but still not sure.

On the way in we went past a large Camping and Outdoor shop that did everything from hiking to cycling to snow, so we dropped by to check it out. It was like a Bunnings for outdoor activities, huge, with a massive rage, but once we got inside we realised there wasn’t all that much in there (or nothing we wanted anyway) so we left empty handed.

On the drive home I had a “Purple Cow” moment. As we drove along the lane ways and roads, through the perfect little English villages, I suddenly realised what only a few days earlier has been a novelty, had now become the norm. It was only a couple of days earlier I was travelling at half the designated speed limit, looking at every building, church, stream and house. Today, not only was I driving at the speed limit, I was mostly unaware of what was happening around me.

It reminded me of Seth Godins book, Purple Cow. In the book, Seth says if you seen a purple cow you’d stop and take notice, but if you seen fields of them, after a while they would just seem normal and you would start to ignore. Eventually taking notice again when you see a black and white one.

I couldn’t believe the difference, given how excited and interested I was only 72hrs earlier. Don’t get me wrong, I was still into it, just now the novelty had worn off.

We made it home mid afternoon, in time for a good kip – which was severely needed.

A non-touring day was just what the doctor ordered.

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