Day 23 – Cardiff (Wales)

We left home with the intention of heading East to Dover, and checking out the port, shipping lanes and tunnel.

But realising that this would have us go back past London (which we were returning to following Europe) we decided to do a left instead of a right, and headed to Cardiff and Wales instead.

Josh was appalled. Earlier in the week at Warwick Castle, they had mentioned on more than one occasion, visiting Wales was a fait worse then death (kinda like the rivalry between Qld and NSW), so he could see no reason why we would be motivated to go to Wales.

Along the way there were patches of Fog. I kept passing all these signs that said F09 and I couldn’t work out what it meant until Ros pointed out that it was actually F O G. She took great delight in that and for the next 100 miles, every time we seen a sign (about every 500m) she took the piss.

Along the way we had a long discussion about whether Wales was another Country or a State or something else. We were a little worried, because as we were originally heading to Dover, we hadn’t packed our passports. If Wales was another Country, we might get all that way, and not be allowed to cross the border.

Still we headed west. When we passed a road sign that said “Welcome to Wales” we figured whatever its position, it looked like we didn’t need passports to enter.

We drove around the city a little first visiting a Ruined Roman Fort (didn’t look all that interesting so we kept going), Cardiff Castle (couldn’t find a car park) and ended up at the Cardiff Bay for lunch.

There were a few things to see there, including the Port Masters office, but as hard as I tried, I just wasn’t all that into it, and neither was anyone else, so we decided to take a walk along the waterfront, watch the boats and buildings and take in the fresh air.

I don’t know if it was just the day, but the water in the bay was “black” and “dead”. It looked like a large pool of oil. It was very different to the bays back home.

Seeing the boats on the harbour, did renew my desire for a Winter boat though, so we started discussions about our next boat – what model, how big etc (for the record – currently it stands at a 37ft, Sunrunner).

Back in the car we decided we should return to Cardiff another day and check out the Castle and other parts in more detail.

Ah yeah, and for the record, Wales is another country.

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