Day 24 – Moving Day. London to Frankfurt

Today I had to say farewell to my Volvo, as we headed to the Airport and on to Germany. We had to go a little over 100 miles, all along the freeway, so we gave ourselves two hours to get there. We had heard about how bad the traffic can be, but thought this would be plenty of time.


Along the way we hit traffic, came to a complete stop and managed to get to the airport late. Worried about missing the flight, we decided not to worry about refueling the car and just paying the exorbitant prices.

Processing through Heathrow (Terminal 5 at least) was seamless, and would rate as one of the best airport experiences I’ve had (and this is only partly because I received a full pat down).

We had a couple of hours before departure, so we grabbed some breakfast, and I dialed in to the wifi to do some work. A few emails and a few calls and all caught up again

Flight to Frankfurt (British Airways) was on time and did all the things it was supposed to do.

Arrived Germany and grabbed a cab to pick up the motorhome. Having had a run in with the first cab in England over paying, we checked with the attendant at the cab stand that we could use the credit card and after being assured it would be fine, we climbed on board.

As we got rolling the driver tried to enter the address in his GPS, but when it couldn’t find the location he passed me the local street directory and asked for help – It was in German.

I could feel myself smiling in the inside and the out, as I thought about how stupid this was. Somehow, between the two of us we managed to work it out, and found out way to the pickup point.

When we arrived at the pickup point, and went to pay the cabby, we learned he didn’t take credit card and we needed cash. Arrrrgggh!! I went inside and met the motorhome hire guy, who thankfully raided his petty cash tin for the $80 Euros to take care of the cabbie.

We watched a video on driving and operating the motorhome, completed the paperwork and had our tour and more training and then we were ready to to. Ready to go – Where????

We had no plan. Our entire Europe plan was “Make it up as we go”. We hadn’t even looked at a map. Sure we had a number of key locations we wanted to see, but we had no real plan. This was the first sign we were in trouble.

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