Day 31 – Prague

The campground we had found (our second choice, the first “Open One” was in fact closed for the winter when we got there) was practically deserted, and we were the only ones there.

In the morning I had a conference call back to Australia (a 4.30am kick off local time – hard work for a guy on holidays), so rather than disturb the family, I went and sat in the laundry mat with my laptop and headphones. It was freezing, but I got the call done and all was well.

By the time I had finished the call, the family was up and we were getting ready to move. I went and had a (cold) shower, and was packing up the motorhome when Mikeala came calling saying Josh had hurt himself.

When we got back to the motorhome, Josh was standing with his head down, in obvious pain, and blood pouring from above his left eye. He had stood up into a light, smashing the light and cutting himself. Our plans for visiting Prague on hold, we had to find a hospital.

Once again our trusty GPS came to the rescue. We selected hospital in the point of interest, selected the closest and followed blindly turn by turn. When we got to the hospital, we had no idea where to go, and we couldn’t find emergency.

We found a chemist and asked for directions, and they contacted a doctor/surgeon and sent us upstairs. The Doctors Assistant didn’t speak any English but she looked at the cut and agreed he needed some stitches.

The Doctor spoke a little English which was good, and went to work on fixing Josh. I stood beside him while she stitched him up. A nice internal stitch (about 6 or 7 insertions, plus two more normal stitches on the outside for good luck.

I dont mind sharing I felt a little squeamish as they put in the needle into the wound then proceeded to stitch away (reminded me a bit of the old days, sewing potato bags in Victoria).

Everyone was pretty nervous about the situation as we had no idea what the medical services or practitioners in Prague were like or their skills levels. After everything else we seen in the country, we had little positive experience to go on.

But in the end everything was fine. The doctor was quite skilled and did a good job (though there will probably still be a scare). And best off all, total cost, all up, $20.

We’d lost a few hours by the time everything was done (they even sent us for an xray) so we drove into town (the absolute center) on stone roads and small ally ways, and just had a look at the buildings.

Josh had a headache and the day was kind of ruined so we bailed on Prague without really seeing anything, and just headed off to Poland, declaring we would return another day.

Later in the day, we found a shopping center, and since we were all freezing, purchased more jackets (warmer ones) and Mikeala got herself a hot pink pair of jeans as well.

After the cold shower and bad internet, Josh’s accident and everything else, we decided to get a room for the night, and have a nice cooked breakfast the following day. Mikeala jumped up front to navigate. Ros rode in the back with Josh.

It became an ongoing joke then, that once Mikeala takes over navigation duties – its straight to the nearest hotel. (There’s probably a bit a truth in that, but hey, she is her fathers daughter…)

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