Day 35 – Seegrotte (and moving day)

Given the cigarette smoke the day before, we decided we had seen enough of Vienna, and checked out to move on to Venice.

Ros had spotted a flyer for an underground lake which was along the way, so we set the GPS and headed there first.

The lake was cool. Called Seegrotte, it was actually an old Gypsum mine, that had flooded. It is now one of the largest underground lakes in Europe. Not to mention a pretty big tourist attraction in this part of the world.

It had been used by the Germans as a secret lab during WWII to develop and build one of the first jet fighter planes, and was even used by Hollywood for the movie “The Three Amigo’s”.

Being inside was like being in one of the underground lairs of a bad guy in a James Bond movie or something. It was pretty cool.

We were part of a tour group, but unfortunately the language was not English. Thankfully the guide recognised us 4 lost Aussies, and gave us a quick update in english before or after the group speal – so we managed to get a fair ideal of what was going on.

The lakes themselves were very nice, and they had lighting which made it very romantic. Of course, you couldn’t be all that romantic on a tour with 30 other tourist (not to mention two children) but is was a buzz and we enjoyed our time.

After the lake, we headed on to Venice. A pretty uneventful day of travel and just looking around and enjoying the magnificent country side.

We agreed to return to Vienna another day, because the scenery and buildings are simply magnificent, but will wait for the anti smoking campaigns to kick in a little more.

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