Day 2 – Sydney to Cape Town

Most of Day two was spent flying. And Flying. And Flying.

We were fortunate enough to have a couple of spare seats beside us, so we did the “seat shuffle” across the Indian Ocean, and had a chance to spread out and have a sleep – well as much sleep as you can expect on a plane.

Arrived to Johannesburg a bit late, but made our connecting flight to Cape Town and were met by the driver and taken to De Waterkant, which will be home for the next five days.

Checked in to our apartment, and pretty much passed out.

Day two = done.

Not much excitement to report. We covered a lot of kilometers, and arrived to start the trip proper. Josh has declared he never wants to do a 14 hour flight again unless we are in First Class (he might settle for business) and I’m kinda agreeing with him at the moment.

Lets see what the morning brings.

Current Location – De Waterkant, Cape Town
Next Stop – Cape Town

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  1. Extra seats on a long flight?!?! Never seen that before. Who needs business class with that luxury? Glad to hear you’re safely arrived. Look forward to S. African adventures after you readjust. What’s the weather like?

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