An introduction to the “Travel Blog”

Well, its all getting a bit serious now.

On December 28th, 2010 following a great family Christmas and a dip in the pool, my brother and I were chatting about a traditional “Australian” Christmas, and how different it was to what we had grown up with in movies, Christmas cards and even Christmas carols.

We discussed how nice it would be to have a white Christmas, and to perhaps travel to New York, shake hands with a Santa Clause on a street corner and even go ice skating in Central Park on the Trump Ice Arena. A few beers later and it was decided, we’d both take our families to New York for Christmas and New Year in 2012/13.

Well a week in New York, (for me at least) a week later had morphed into a year off, and a world trip, but when passed by the Minister for Finance and Travel its was reduced to two lots of school holidays, plus the last term. 18 weeks in total.

And so not much planning begun.

We all selected one thing we wanted to see:

  • Joshua wanted to cage dive with Great White Sharks – so Cape Town, South Africa went on the list
  • Roslyn wanted to see Italy – so Rome and Venice were added
  • Mikeala wanted to hike the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu – so South America was added
  • I’d already suggested New York, but added the Galapogos Islands – since we were in South America anyway.

The rest of the locations we’re left to the wind. There’s a lot of the world to see and we wanted a chance to have a good look at it, so we let the travel agent book the rest of the schedule – well entry and exit airports at least.

That was then, and this is now. As I write this blog we are just 9 days away from boarding and beginning our journey. And its all getting a bit serious now.

The family has made a commitment to blog most days as a way of recording our experience and adventure and to share our learnings and insights as we travel. I’ll be keeping two blogs; this one, my travel blog, as well as my regular blog where I will be sharing any learnings on business, entrepreneurship, recruitment, staffing and leadership from around the world.

This blog is likely to just be my random thoughts on what I’m seeing and thinking. Some days it may even just be drunk ramblings, but hey, its a travel blog right?

The other blogs can be found at:

  • Joshuas blog can be found at
  • Mikealas blog can be found at
  • Roslyns blog can be found at

We’ll also be posting our “next stop” so if you’ve some experience or know of a “must see” location nearby, please post, comment, email, message or call and let us know so we don’t miss out.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you find (some) of my post interesting.

Current Location – Toowoomba
Next Stop – Sydney (Friday 21st Sept)

4 thoughts on “An introduction to the “Travel Blog”

  1. Have an awesome time guys! We’ll be following your adventures and can’t wait to read the ‘drunk’ blogs!!
    Don’t get eaten by sharks, lions or tigers and don’t forget to tip the waitresses in New York!

    Safe travels
    xoxo Ivanka, Gerard, Frank

    • Thanks Ivanka,
      Looking forward to sharing stories over a bottle of wine when we return.
      And thanks for all the chats, supports, experience and advice. I really enjoy (and miss) our chats.
      Speak soon.

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